"Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it."
- Salvador Dali

Belgrade & Cleveland Media Group

Content Development/Writing

  • Speculative story development;
  • Adapted story development;
  • Script design via step outline;
  • Writing for screen;
  • Script marketing: tagline to pitch;

Producing and Production

  • Narrative fiction films;
  • Documentary films;
  • Web-series, mini-series;
  • Video-on-demand production;
  • photography and graphic design;


  • cinema/media courses;
  • academic discussions;
  • lecture panels and presentations;
  • public shows and festivals;
  • database (IMDb) consulting;


LEFT: company's founder and chief creative officer, B. R. Tatalovic,

(photo©2010 EmmyFoundation Awards / Academy of Television Arts & Sciences)

  • “I was lucky to be working for a talented director Bruno Tatalovic in Toronto..." - Brian Murphy, TV producer (2006)
  • “Bruno is a great producer/director. He is well respected in our film community and continues to put out excellent work.” - Ray Szuch, North Coast Film Commission
  • “...brilliant filmmaker and producer and it was a pleasure and honor to work with him on his film "Dying 2 Meet U." He is the kind of producer/director who thinks outside the box and works toward his vision.” - Christopher Arthur, Chicken Bone Media
  • “...produced and directed the video production of the two concerts that I worked with him on, like a seasoned pro. His coordination of the multi-cam shoot was flawless. The final DVD of the concert was entertaining and extremely well edited.” - Bruce Himmelblau, Blue Sky Video Productions
  • “I worked under Mr. Tatalovic as a cameraman for a rock concert. His direction and exceptional ability to plan out effective visuals made it an honour to work under him. Would work anytime for a true Professional like him.” - Kelvin Preena, director of photography
  • “I had the pleasure of working under Mr Tatalovic on his live video production. He was organized and efficient. Mr. Tatalovic made it easy to complete our jobs successfully. I would highly recommend his services and happily work for him on another project.” - Greg Welch, Barta Media Group
  • “Bruno is one on the most capable and honorable men I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. As a writer, he's a visionary; as a producer, he's a leader; and as friend, he's loyal. If you find so lucky as to have the opportunity to work Bruno, don't pass it by!” – AJ Jackson, AJJ Entertainment LLC
  • “Bruno is well-versed in the technical and managerial requirements of producing effectively; he is seasoned and he has a real sense of humor.” – Kiku Terasaki, BTDT Productions

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